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One World Tribe is composed of three talented performers and composers whose main joy in life comes from sharing their tunes. Learn about our individual influences, musical history, and what we do when we're not busy making excellent music.


Musicians On Stage

One World Tribe has just announced tour dates for the Loud Live Tour 2016 for the Hawaiian Islands featuring One World Tribe and The Joey Laforte Project. For tour dates and times check out the tour page. Come funk it up with One World Tribe and The Joey Laforte Project for the Loud Live Tour 2016


"Enemy Within":
"Too Late For Love":


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About One World Tribe

Our band adds a unique flair and style to the well-loved genre of rock music. One World Tribe got its start the way most rock bands do—two people who shared a love of music decided to share it with the world. Here's how our story began.

Upcoming Events


Catch our independent, hard rock, soul band, One World Tribe, at various popular venues in Hawaii. For the summer of 2016, One World Tribe is preparing bookings for Japan. We're expanding our quest to unite the world through funky music from Hawaii.

We've already performed at the Music Bar Melodia in Shinjuku, Japan, and at What the Dickens in Ebisu, Japan. The band members are looking forward to spreading our love of great music to the rest of this beautiful country during our upcoming ROCK YOUR SOUL TOUR #2.

Join a broad fan base of people from all walks of life. Music is a joy shared by every culture on Earth, and our goal is to unite people and cultures using this common love of soul-touching music. We have performed for people from Japan, China, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Thailand, England, Hawaii, Philippines, America and Croatia.